Monday, March 31, 2014

Out and About

 For family home evening, we took a walk.  We went to Julie's bakeshop and bought some treats and bread.

This is one of the roads through the village.

Many of the houses are cement but some of them have woven walls.  The walls are patterned and pretty.  The woven walls allow some air flow which would be nice in the hot, sticky weather.

A picture of a tricycle.

And a pedi-cab.

A coconut tree!

We are walking into the sunset.  When we walk, we get a little parade of followers.  The children seem so intrigued with us that they follow us around.  They will often run up and take my hand.  I tell you, I just wanted to bring a couple of them home!  :-)

A close-up of the woven wall.

Some of our followers who consented for a picture.  The little boy on the right in the long white tee shirt was the one who kept holding my hand.  I just wanted to keep him.  

Ammon, found an avocado tree to climb!

It was a great evening!

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