Monday, August 4, 2014


So, I realize I haven't posted for awhile.  I have a pretty good excuse.

Being the very graceful person I am, I took a tumble when out for a walk with the kids.  First a disclaimer.  Walking in the Philippines is a risky proposition.  Mostly there aren't sidewalks and you just have to walk on the edge of VERY busy roads.  Every now and then there are sidewalks but they are SO rough.  There is NO way you could ride a wheeled vehicle of any sort (bicycle, wheelchair, scooter) on these.  They are very uneven.  Anyway, we were walking on one of these when I stumbled and then my sandal caught and I fell, hard.  I landed on my left arm which immediately dislocated and gave way.  I then hit the side of my head on the edge of the sidewalk and split it open.  Here is a picture of me after the kids loaded me on a tricycle and got me home.  This isn't actually accurate because we did wash the black dust off my face.  I ended with a couple of loose teeth and a fat lip, a split head, dislocated elbow, and skinned knees.  It was NOT fun!

The biggest problem was my elbow. I tried to get it to pop back in but it still felt VERY strange and hurt a lot.  We ended up going to the hospital to get it checked in case it was broken.  The initial x-ray did not show a break and the elbow seemed to have gone back into socket.  So they sent me home with my arm in a sling and told me to not use it for a couple of weeks.  However, it just became more and more painful.  I finally went into an orthopedic doctor who decided I had tendonitis. He put me on an anti-inflammatory and a pain pill. But after another week, I was in nearly constant pain.  Finally, I went back to the doctor.  It seemed that my nerve in the arm was trapped by all the inflammation and was very irritated.  He gave me 5 or 6 cortisone injections in my elbow.  That reduced the swelling which relieved the nerve.  It was such a relief to be out of most of the pain.  It's now been about 6 weeks and it's pretty much better. Still a little stiff and a bit weird but mostly well.  I still wonder if I might have broken it slightly.  I figure I'll get it checked out when I get back to the states to see if anything else needs to be done. (I'm not very comfortable with the medical care here)

This kind of set me back.  Firstly there were the initial weeks of serious pain.  I wasn't up for much those weeks.  Then when I started to get better, I was still kind of down.  It was hard to fight homesickness when I didn't feel well.  I'm glad to be getting back on my feet now.  I'll try to do better at keeping up my blog now.