Thursday, March 29, 2012

Color us embarrassed!

Last fall, when we moved to our new house, a friend gave us his chickens and 2 turkeys (a hen and a tom).  Alas, the chickens weren't long for this world due to a neighbor dog with a taste for fresh chicken.  We lost all but 2 before we could get them sufficiently protected.  As for the turkeys, our kids found great amusement in chasing them through the weeds.  One of them quickly tired of this and ran off, never to return.  The one that remained we thought was a hen.  (remember, we aren't experienced poultry farmers)  Imagine our surprise this spring when our hen turkey started doing this:

He must have felt the effects of spring (feeling twitterpated as Bambi would say) because he spends most of the day strutting around like this.  I'm not sure who he's trying to impress since the hen turkey is long gone but . . . the chickens aren't very impressed.

So much for our ability to tell turkey sexes apart!