Saturday, March 22, 2014

And we are off!

So the visas came and 2 days later we were on the airplane!  If you want to know insanity, you should have hung out with me those two days!  Yikes, was it ever crazy!

We got Caleb set apart as a missionary on Wednesday night.  What a spiritual experience that was!  Then Thursday morning we took off for Provo.  After buying a few last minute items (travel pillows) and saying a flurry of goodbyes, it was bedtime.  Now to try to sleep until 3 am when we had to get up to leave for the airport.  (Btw not much sleeping happened with all of the excitement!)

Here's a pic of us at the airport

My mothers heart couldn't quite wrap around the idea that my missionary son was taking his family to the airport rather than the other way around.  :-(  Doesn't he look wonderful though?

We got all checked in (whew!) and got up to our gate on time.  Then we finally got on an airplane!

All the kids were excited to fly for the first time but some were more excited than others!  :-)

Twenty six hours later, the enthusiasm had dimmed somewhat!  :-)

This is us waiting in line at immigration.  The little boys were pretty worn out!  (I wish I had dared to lie down on the floor!)

Finally out and ready to go to the hotel!!!

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Mary said...

Good luck! We love you and are praying for you.