Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here's my boy!

Got this great picture in an email from a lady in Jonathan's ward. I thought he looked SO good! He just looks like he's happy, healthy, and glowing. I'm SO proud of him!
(I miss him, too! :-)

(Funny side note: JT had sent copies of these pictures home to me in a box with some shoes that we needed to return to Mr. Mac. I knew the box held the shoes and so I didn't even open it but just put a letter to Mr. Mac on top and sent it right on to them. They must have thought it was interesting to get pictures in the shoes! :-)


shail2chouhan said...

Nice blog and good snap
Great work.
Happy Blogging.....

Clinesville said...

He looks so handsome!

Mary Ann, Michael, and Jonathon Climer said...

I wonder if Mr. Mac gets pictures on accident often... It's weird thinking I'm on the same side of the map as my older bro... I miss him.