Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bear Lake!

We went to Bear Lake with Carol's family and Ron's family. It was so beautiful and we had a great time. Grandma C. even went with us and watched over the proceedings.

Here's Carol and Grandma when we were getting set up.

A.J. loves the sand!

Joshua is SO cute.

Betsy, Ethan, Mattie and A.J. playing in the water.

Ron building a castle with Olivia.

(Notice the large sand walrus in the background. It was there when we got there and was really good. We decided we needed to do better than that . . .)

We made . . . . A turtle!

1 comment:

Mary Ann, Michael, and Jonathon Climer said...

OH wow! that's a great sand turtle. I can see Adam and Natalie's work in that! (love, the Climers)