Friday, July 10, 2009

Russ and Caleb's 25-mile backpacking trip

Russ and Caleb and their scout troop went on their 25 mile backpack trip.  After a few challenging starts (broken packs and bad trails) they took off.

Here's a picture of the guys as they took off. . . 

. . . Now things get interesting with packs on!  :-)

Here's breakfast cooking on the campfire

And the chef!

They really saw some beautiful country.  Here is a picture of  Russ's pack with some of the pretty scenery behind.

Devon is up in the tree gathering firewood.

They hit the end of the trail!  Yeah!  It was a really good camp.

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Mary Ann, Michael, and Jonathon Climer said...

Caleb is SOOO photogenic. He makes me think of JT and Paco. They were always the best camping chefs.