Sunday, July 5, 2009

Making money on Woad

Here in Wyoming, they have a weed control program.  They are trying to get on top of a noxious weed call "Dyers Woad".  The program will pay a certain amount per pound to kids 5-16 who pull/dig the weed and bring it in to the Weed and Pest office.  They have to show at least 3 inches of root on each stem.  Anyway, Caleb, Hannah, Betsy, and Mattie worked on the program with some of their friends.  They worked really hard for the week that the program was available and earned $350.  This is a picture of their friends as they dug the weed.  The kids decided that rather than divide up the money they would use it for some family fun gift.  They've got their hopes set on a trampoline.  

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