Saturday, May 3, 2014

Driving in the Philippines

I wish I had taken a video when we were driving around with our friend Br. Lauder, looking for housing.  He has since sold his car and just has a motorcycle and so we won't be driving with him anymore.

Driving in the Philippines is crazy!  Although there are lanes painted on the roads (sometimes), they are rarely followed.  If there are supposed to be 2 lanes, there will almost always be 3 or 4 lanes driving.  Each car is literally inches from the other cars.  Cars drive right out in front of other cars all the time.  Br. Lauder told us what the first part to go out on a Filipino car is:  the horn.  People honk all the time to warn people that they are coming, to warn someone else not to hit them, etc.  We haven't seen many accidents and evidently they usually aren't too serious when they happen. This is because the traffic never gets going more than 5 to 10 mph.  :-)

I will try to get a video of it sometimes to share here.

I did take some pictures and videos of what the streets look like as we drive.  I'll put them here:

When you stop at a stoplight, there are people who sell stuff to the cars.  This guy is selling cold water. ( They also sell food, gum, candy, cigarettes.)

A definite problem in the Philippines is the trash.  As you can see, the open places are very green.  Plants and trees everywhere.  But there is also trash EVERYWHERE.  It is so sad.  

There are buildings going up everywhere.

Anyway,  there's just a flavor of a drive in the Philippines.

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Mary said...

How different things are there. I don't know if my nerves could survive being driven on those streets!