Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Climers came to visit!

A few days after Christmas (after we came home from Bear Lake) Mary Ann, Jonathon, and Michael came to visit for a week. It turned out to be quite a week. The first day here, Mary Ann got the stomach flu. The next 2 days, Jonathon had it. Then after that, Michael got a bad cold. He just kept getting sicker and sicker. Jonathon had to fly home for school but Mary Ann had arranged to stay a few more days with us. The day before she was to fly home, Michael was acting pretty sick and we decided to take him in to the doctor. We thought that he perhaps had an ear infection or something. After evaluating him, the doctor told us that he had RSV and needed to be hospitalized. So, Mary Ann missed her flight back and spent 3 days in the hospital with little Michael. Luckily, he improved quickly and she was able to fly back to Ohio on Saturday. All in all, it was a fairly stressful visit. We still loved getting to see them and had some good times while they were here.

Michael with Aunt Hannah.

Here's a fun game of Catch Phrase that we had going

Michael wasn't too sure about all of his uncles and aunts but was pretty patient. Here Ammon is pushing Michael around in a box.

This is the day that we took him in to the doctor. You can see that he doesn't feel very good.

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