Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More pics of my missionaries

We've gotten a couple of pictures of our missionaries and they just look so good! Thought I'd share them here. . .

JT loves this family that has 6 kids. He says they remind him of home!

This is in front of the Oaxaca temple. David is with 3 other ZL's that all came into the mission about the same time that he did. He got to see them at ZL conference. I don't know if David is blushing in this picture or if he is sunburned. He sure looks red!


Cassie Clines Alleman said...

They really do look great. I can't believe how much David looks like Uncle Russ. How much longer before they come home?

Margie B said...

7 months for JT and 9 months for David. (but who's counting) :-)