Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hiking Sprague canyon

Well, the snow finally has left. (hooray!) Russ, Hannah, and Mattie have been hiking Sprague Canyon for exercise. Russ is doing backpacking with his scouts this summer and has to be prepared to do a 50-miler by August. He has been hiking with Aunt Marge's pack goats to get them in shape too. He's hoping to take them in August so that he doesn't have to carry so much weight on his own back! :-)

The weather is still pretty cool and rainy but everything is SOOOO green and beautiful.

Here's the "Alm Uncle" with Hans and Buddy (the goats).

I think Mattie is having fun . . .

until they found the dead moose!

Later Hannah and Mattie went back and hiked the canyon themselves (several times) They happened on a family of skunks and took these pictures. I'm relieved that they didn't get sprayed since they got this close! (yikes!)

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